Ido Sadeh Man

Ido Sadeh Man

Founder & Foundation Council President, Saga Foundation

Starting his professional life as a jazz musician, over the last decade, Ido has led product and development for several Israeli startups including Odysii (sold to Gilbarco Veeder-Root, NYSE: FTV), and Mobli where he was COO.

Considering blockchain as one of the required set of tools for creating updated governance structures for the data-era citizen, Ido has founded within Saga the New Contract Policy Institute, an applied research project to contribute to the process of defining a new paradigm for a coherent social exchange of value - an updated social contract.


Founded in April 2017, the Foundation's mission is to design a non-sovereign currency with the qualities to become a global, complimentary store of value and medium of exchange. Non-anonymous and algorithmically governed by a variable-fractional reserve model, Saga is designed to answer often raised public policy concerns regarding identity and volatility.