Bogusz Grotowski

Bogusz Grotowski

Head of Legal, APAC, Emergent Technology Holdings LP

Bogusz Grotowski is a blockchain, digital assets, payments, FinTech, international finance and derivatives transactional lawyer and regulatory counsel with 17 years’ experience which he has gained while working for technology companies, top tier investment banks and Magic Circle law firms in Singapore, London, New York and Warsaw.

Bogusz currently serves as the Head of Legal, Asia-Pacific at Emergent Technology Holdings LP, a technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices in Shanghai, Delhi, Bangalore, Luxembourg, Sao Paolo, Dubai, Singapore, Houston and Cary whose companies include:


  • Emergent Payments, a leading payments provider for digital merchants expanding into high-growth markets;


  • Responsible Gold, a blockchain-based supply chain platform that tracks responsibly sourced gold from miner-to-refiner-to-vault;


  • G-Coin, a digital certificate of title to responsibly sourced gold; and


  • Trust Stamp, artificial intelligence and facial biometric identity technology.


Bogusz is an English-qualified solicitor and holds master’s degrees in common and civil law as well as a certificate in blockchain strategy.