Kevin Loo

Kevin Loo

Director, CryptAM Services

Prior to co-founding CryptAM, Kevin was a fixed income Investment Director and has an established track record on advising institutional clients,  including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and corporates. 

Kevin gained his deeply rooted investment knowledge from the traditional investment industry and has worked with the largest and most recognized asset management companies, including PIMCO, Fidelity International and BNP Paribas, both in London and Hong Kong. He has over 15 years of debt capital market experience with a focus on global Emerging Market Debt and Asia Credit.

Sensing the shifting landscape, driven by a hybrid financial technology and ever expanding applications of blockchain technology, Kevin co-founded CryptAM, a cryptocurrency digital asset manager.


Kevin is a mentor to the Cyberport Incubator Programme and CryptAM is proudly supported by the programme.